Study Abroad Procedures


Semester Abroad Checklist

Step 1.

Decide which program is right for you.

  • You should consult with your advisor regarding your desire to go abroad, which classes you may miss at NNU during the time you are gone (those only taught every other year are especially important to consider), and whether you will attempt to pick up any credits in your major during your time abroad. Your advisor must approve any courses you wish to take in an off-campus program that will be applied to your major.
  • Keep in mind that some financial aid may be applicable to your study abroad experience if you are attending an affiliate program. If you are going outside of the list of affiliate programs, financial aid will not be available. Talk with your financial aid advisor about what aid may or may not be available to you if you go abroad.  
  • Courses taken for general education credits must be approved by the registrar's office. The study abroad director will assist you in determining which classes are likely to be approved for NNU general education credits.
  • Make an appointment with the coordinator for that program.
  • Apply to the program of your choice - application typically completed online.  Watch for deadlines! 
    • Many programs allow you to do this online (use the hyperlinks listed by most programs). Many programs ask for references. If you need a faculty reference, give your reference writer plenty of time to write a letter for you.
    • Most programs will also want a copy of your transcript sent directly to them. The Registrar can do this for you. Requests can be made by filling out a form in the Registrar's office or obtained electronically here.

Step 2.
Once you have been notified by the program that you are admitted, complete the following forms:  

These forms may also be obtained from the Registrar's office (1st floor Emerson) or from the Off-Campus Opportunities Office (Williams Hall lobby).

  • Complete the first page of the form.
  • Obtain signatures from the Registrar, Director of Residential Life and the Business Office for approval of your academic, behavioral and financial standing.
  • List your courses.
    • Admission to a program normally involves choosing courses at the host institution as well, so in most cases, you should already have a class list. Most CCCU programs have a predetermined set of courses you will be taking (China, Russia, LASP, etc.), though you will choose a few electives as well. Oxford programs allow students a great deal of discretion in developing their schedule; there are few predetermined courses.
      • If you do not know which courses you will be taking or if the school cannot tell you which courses you will be taking until you arrive (as in the case of the Australearn program), see the off-campus opportunities director. It may be necessary to do an expanded list that will be finalized once you arrive at your host institution.
    • Column 1: Leave blank.
    • Column 2: List the titles of the courses you will be taking (Introduction to Basket-Weaving; British Literature; etc.).
    • Column 3: List the number of credits for each course.
    • Column 4: Course substitutions. If you have talked with your advisor about which NNU courses in your major will be replaced by those you are taking off-campus, list the number and name of the NNU equivalent course in this column.
    • Column 5: Signatures. If you are taking a course abroad for major credit, your advisor must provide a signature in this column for that course. If you are taking a course for elective credit or for general education credit, the Registrar has final authority to approve such courses.
  • Obtain signatures from Financial Aid and the Business Office regarding arrangements for your time abroad as it relates to finances.
  • Obtain signatures from Cross-Cultural for the cross-cultural requirement component.
  • Inform Student Development whether you will need housing upon return.
  • Once you have all the forms completed and required signatures obtained, contact Dr. Justin Clardie, 467.8875, to set up an appointment for a final signature.

  • If you are going to an affiliate program, you will need to fill out an official course request form, just as if you were enrolling in classes on campus. Use the "OCAM" numbers in column 1 of the off-campus form and the title of the course you will be taking off-campus when you fill out the official course request form. If you have already enrolled in courses at NNU for the semester you will be off-campus, use a drop-add form instead of an official course request form.  Drop-Add forms can be obtained electronically here.

Step 3.
Return the completed documents to the Registrar's Office:

Step 4.
Work on the following:

  • Obtain/update passport
  • Purchase airfare

If you have questions about any of these procedures, contact the Off-Campus Opportunities Office, 208.467.8875.